negotiate ne‧go‧ti‧ate [nɪˈgəʊʆieɪt ǁ -ˈgoʊ-] verb
1. [intransitive, transitive] to discuss something in order to reach an agreement:

• Union leaders have negotiated an agreement for a shorter working week.

• They negotiated a new contract with the sellers.

negotiate with

• The firm is negotiating with its creditors to restructure its debt.

— negotiator noun [countable] :

• a former U.S. trade negotiator

2. negotiate a loan to discuss with a bank or other organization that lends money the amount they will lend you, the rate of interest they will charge etc
3. [transitive] BANKING to exchange money or goods by using a document such as bill of exchange that allows you to do this

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negotiator UK US /nɪˈgəʊʃieɪtər/ noun [C]
a person who has formal discussions with someone else in order to reach an agreement, or a person whose job is to do this: a chief/lead/top negotiator »

He is the chief negotiator for the union.

budget/trade negotiator »

The group will report to trade negotiators on how GM foods could be treated.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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